Thursday, August 31, 2006

Infertility Treatment Guide

Excellent Guide for those undergoing infertility treatment

Ok some of you may know this already, but for those who don't I'm attaching a link to a very helpful guide. This guide is a must for those who are just beginning to undergo fertility treatment or those who are weighing their options.

This guide is 48 pages and is in pdf format but it is an easy read. It includes information from compiling your medical records up through the treatment cycles. Also commonly useful resources are listed.

Check it out:

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dealing With the Comments

Just Relax - You're thinking about it too much!

How many times have we heard these phrases in one way or another? For anyone that is ttc I'm sure the answer is "too many." About a week ago a friend of mine (not super close) asked me this question the night after I was discussing with my husband how this frustrates me. Of course they mean well but when does it stop?

What made this time so different was that she insisted that this is the problem. Usually they just say "Oh just relax...." but I was told that I was thinking about it too much and when I replied "No, I'm not." She replied "Yes, you are" and I replied "No, I'm not." This went one for at least one more rep until I promised that I am not. Of course this is coming for a person that gets pregnant if "my husband just looks at me." I don't expect her to understand but dude don't try to diagnose me either.

I'm in no way mad at her, but for those who do not know, telling a couple or person that has been ttc to "relax" is a big no no. Instead offer an ear or any type of help if they need it. Be supportive but don't make them feel like they are to blame, trust me they have probably already been there and don't need any help in this area.

Dealing with Insensitive Comments

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wanna-be parents win 'write' to try

Essay Pays for IVF Treatment

The Record - Wanna-be parents win 'write' to try

Wouldn't it be nice if every fertility clinic was as creative and generous? Creating some type of contest in which the winners receive a free round of IVF treatment seems like a noble idea to me. With the cost of IVF averaging $12,400 and drugs averaging $3-5,000, it would be great help to those who are struggling with the financial aspect of infertility treatment.

Who knows maybe it could be restricted to those who have no fertility coverage. Have a look, maybe we should approach our clinics with this idea huh?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Baby's Death = Slap on the Wrist

IVF baby lost due to negligence

My heart sincerely goes out to this family who is grieving the lost of their 7-month foetus that was conceived via IVF. Imagine the distress of going through infertility, conceiving and having it all lost due to a negligent driver. And if that's not enough, he walks away. Talk about justice!

You can read the article here and let me know your feelings.
System let us down over baby's death, says crash mother - National -

Monday, August 21, 2006

Cost of IVF in United Kingdom

Donate eggs in exchange for IVF cost!

Well I just ran across this interesting article. If you are living in the UK, it may be even more interesting. It seems as though there may be some options when it comes to funding the costs of IVF treatment.

You can check out the article here:
BBC NEWS Health Cloning team's IVF deal for eggs: "first time that payment can be given for IVF eggs used in research. "

It sounds like an interesting program. I think we would have many takers here if it were an option. It may even be worth the trip to the UK for this. Donating eggs for stem cell research, which may aid in developing treatments forAlzheimer's disease, diabetes and Parkinson's in exchange for low cost IVF. Is this a win-win scenario?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm Taking a Break

Infertility Sucks!

So I decided to take a break. Because there seems to be no obvious reason for me not conceiving, I've decided to look for the not so obvious reasons. I'm starting with my overall health. As for now, I decided that before I proceed with ART, I would try to figure out the cause of my infertility.

Right now I don't know if I can handle the emotional and financial strain of failure with ART. I'm not being pessimistic at all, just careful. I need time to think through and figure out my next plan of action. In the mean time, I'm reading and looking for information that may inspire me or anyone else dealing with infertility. This includes information for those who know the cause of their infertility also.

Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) I have had a quite a bit of advice from friends. One is to find out the problem first and not to let the desperation cause you to make a hasty decision. So right now I'm borderline obsessed with information.

As always this blog is to share information, tips, encouragement, support and anything else that helps those who are dealing with infertility to manage it better.

Infertility Journey

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Surviving After Infertility or Loss


is more than a new support group for women suffering from Infertility but is also providing sympathy for those mourning the loss of a child. This group provides memorials for family bereavement to mourn the loss of a child and support those who are trying to conceive. Memory boxes are delivered to hospitals and clinics and given to women filled with carefully chosen items such as candles, devotionals, journals etc...

This is quite a unique program developed by a woman who suffered a painful loss. After reading this article, it reminds me to be thankful for what I do have. I am still trying to conceive but I don't know if its worse to conceive and lose or never conceive. At this point I still have hope.

Let me know what you think of the article and this new program.

Hattiesburg American - - Hattiesburg, Miss.: "Surviving After Infertility or Loss"

Infertility Journey

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Omectomy

Removal of my Fibroids

Ok so I schedule my appointment and go in for the surgery. The surgery was only supposed to be approximately 45 minutes for the removal of one fibroid. It ended up taking 4 hours. My husband was a nervous wreck considering no one came out to brief him on the situation. It turns out I had 8 fibroids and a severe case of endometriosis. As my doctor described "everything was all stuck together, but its all clean now and your tubes are beautiful."

I was able to go home 5 days later (as opposed to the normal two). I kept a fever most of the time and couldn't go home in that condition. The worst part was the lack of food and eating only broth and ice chips. I seriously think I was so sick afterwards because I was unable to get 5 mintues of rest. The moment I would nearly dose off, there was someone to check vitals or something. I mean come on do they really expect you to get better? LOL.

Anyway I finally made it home. I'm happy to say that ever since the surgery my cycles have been a lot more pleasant. No more cramping (at least not enough to need medication). I have to admit, I have a lot more energy and feel so much better. I never realized that my severe fatigue was a side effect of the fibroids. I read about other women and how it affected them in my book Healing Fibroids: A Doctor's Guide to a Natural Cure. Health is wealth and I'm still on the journey to overall health.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Healing Fibroids Naturally?

Fibroids Anyone?

Ok so a year or so of not getting pregnant after my definition of regular unprotected sex, I decide to visit my OB/GYN (I just love her). I explain my concern and she decides let's try for 6 more months before I prescribe Clomid. It seems as though I had no problem ovualting anyway so what would Clomid do for that?

Now at this time I was use to painful cramping around that time. However one month I felt like I was giving birth. Well what I assume feels like giving birth (you know verrrry painful). Cut me some slack alright. Anywho after rolling around and crying and finally getting a little relief from my Aleve I tried to move on. Later that evening I noticed clots that could have sunk the titanic.

In the doctor's office again we discovered the culprit. Fibroids. After having an MRI we discovered the exact location. With this huge monstrosity occupying the home of my future child, a myomectomy is suggested.

A friend of mine, as thoughtful as she is, went and did a little research and found a book that she knew would appeal to me. "Healing Fibroids: A Doctor's Guide to a Natural Cure." Sold, I went out and purchased it and I loved it. I still had to have the surgery because I'm just that fortunate but I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and I gained a lot of useful information from it.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What Does Infertile Really Mean?

Infertility means difficulty in conceiving (becoming pregnant) despite having regular sex without using contraception.

During the last few years, I've come to realize a few things. One is that this type of definition needs to be a little more clear. "Despite having regular sex." Well what exactly is having regular sex? For one it may be once per week for another several times per week and for others maybe a couple times per month.

So for a couple who's been having regular sex (once/week) for more than 12 months and not achieve pregnancy, they would be considered, infertile. An entire work-up would be done and provided nothing else is found, you would be diagnosed with unexplained infertility and offered to try IVF or some other form of ART.

After the first visit to my reproductive endocrinologist's office, I filled out all of the paperwork. She never once asked me about the frequency. Not to say that is everyone's experience, but I just naturally assumed that she would ask and then say will we recommend trying at least "x" times per week. Nothing.

Seems farfetched but I've met several couples who have fallen into the same category. Some trying for several years before realizing "I need to have more sex." Even to the point of scheduling IVF!

So after doing a little research, I found that regular is recommended as around 3 times per week. Now in no way is this the case with everyone, but enough that it needs to be addressed.

Has anyone experienced similar stories?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Worms- Infertility Cure?

Worms and infertility cure

Ok, well I would have never guessed I would see these words in the same sentence. But here it is. I guess if you've experienced the overwhelming uncertainy that infertility brings, then just about anything sounds promising, especially if infertility and cure are in the same sentence. I'm all for whatever works.

One major issue is that a lot of couples do not know the cause of their fertility problems. Cure can seem a little vague. The workup is normal, you're healthy, but oh yeah you're infertile. Uhhh too me that may suggest that there is another problem somewhere else. But that's just me, what do I know?

Check out the article, let me know what you think.
CMU News: Article: "

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Journey from Infertility to Fertility

It's amazing how many couples are suffering from infertility.

The emotional and financial burden is enough to drive anyone mad. On a somewhat brighter side, you discover more about yourself and have a new found appreciation for life (well sometimes). Some struggle to make a living everyday, some struggle with other health problems and some struggle with trying to conceive. It is a journey and an adventure.

I created this blog to encourage dialogue for those who are currently trying to conceive (ttc). Here you can post questions or answers or even opinions. Also welcome are those who have conceived and have advice and or stories to share. Venting is most welcome (of course it must be kept clean).

For those who are interested, I'm still ttc after nearly 4 years and I'm conducting a survey regarding infertility and issues least addressed that arise in this journey. There are are only 10 questions (7 open ended) and is completely anonymous. If you choose to participate, the survey can be accessed at

Thank you in advance for your participation.