Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Too Many Babies

Today was really strange for me. First I realized that I am 30 years old. I just turned 30 last month but it didn't really hit me until I had to write it down today and for some reason it just looked like a strange number. I guess I've been putting 2s in front of my numbers for so long...and now for there to be a 3....then 4. Ok on to the next moment.

You know I've been posting about all of the pregnancies that I've been fortunate enough to have to suffer through this year. I finally sat and counted them. I ended up with 22. That's right 22 personal friends or family members. Actually only 2 were family and 2 old friends and the others are people I've met in the last 5.5 years since I've been married. If we want to add in the others that I know of but don't really know personally then I can add about 3 more.

Is it just me or does it seem like 2007 is just extremely busy for the babies? Oh and that's all I have for now - give me till the end of the week and I'm sure I'll add to that number. Not to mention I still don't have my December baby locked in just yet so I'm waiting for that. It's almost a game now...only I'm constantly reminded that I'm losing (j/k). It is strange though.

Oh well Have a wonderful holiday


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