Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Cysts is Gone

Disappearing Ovarian Cyst

Well I got my update for the technician last week and it turns out that my ovulatory cyst is gone. Yippeeee. Only I know that it will be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. You see I've had two previous physicians confirm that the large monster camping out on my left ovary is an ovulatory cyst. As expected with the new physician, it was just way to large (10cm) for her to accept that.

Of course I don't expect her to take my word for it and to be certain, but it was the sort of condescending look and response that she gave me. It was as if either I didn't know what I was saying or the other physicians didn't know what they were doing.

So, I set up the appointment and on Day 4 I went it and Voila! cyst was gone. I was relieved for not only being right, but I wasn't aware that it actually disappeared completely. I was thinking that it just shrunk after my menstrual cycle and got larger after ovulation. Either way the doc doesn't think there is any reason to be concerned about it.

I still have to visit the endocrinologyist though for clarification on my thyroid. Does it ever end?

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