Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Bizarre baby names

Just browsing today and came across these two sites:



I found it quite odd that two human beings could agree that '4Real' is an ok name for a baby. What's stranger is that they feel that the kid would thank them for it later and that the everyone is teased about their name, no matter what it is. Well for starters there is good teasing and not so good teasing. For example, my name is Victoria and of course I get the "What's your secret?", "Queen Victoria", "Queenie" etc.. but they do not hurt or ridicule. I think these parents have seriously confused harmless teasing with ridicule.

I can't say whether the child will actually grow to love his name (provided it is accepted) but it would be interesting. Maybe it's a nice stage name for a rapper or such. It may actually pay off. I just hope that the kid doesn't suffer before then. I can honestly see how "4Real"? could come to my mind if by some miracle I got a positive pregnancy test --- but it wouldn't end up on the birth certificate.

As far as the baby with 25 names (that she will hopefully never use) what can we say?

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