Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kids Ask the Dardnest Questions

I've been nagging about how many pregnant women I'm fortunate enough to know this year. One of my July babies (there are 2 more to go) was born two week ago (tomorrow). We are taking turns fixing food for her and delivering it and I chose Tuesday. She's such a pro as this is her 5th baby. The oldest is all of 7 and when I went up to deliver the food I drooled over the gorgeous newborn.

Then the questions. The oldest asked "Do you have kids?" Not too bad, he's seven. But then the next question "Why Not?" I thought for awhile about how to answer such a loaded question. I finally decided on "I don't know."

You can't get upset with a seven year old but I thought it was very awkward. It's funny because he had asked me if I had kids when I saw him 4th of July. I'm avoiding the adults who ask and now I have to avoid the kids lol. The mom is always afraid of what he'll ask but at the same time I think they are wondering what the answer to THAT question is?

"I don't know"

September is the month that hubby's crappy insurance at work upgrades to include a PPO plan. Then maybe I can pursue my IVF treatment again.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Male Infertility

Just in case my last post was misunderstood, I'm including this one. My last post was a sort of heads up about overusing or misusing ICSI. However, ICSI has proven to be a very effective treatment option for men who have no sperm cells in his ejaculate. In these cases the men can not impregnate a woman without such a procedure and thus it may be necessary if they expect any chance of fathering a child.

In Testicular Sperm Extraction, the testicular tissues are biopsied to obtain the mature sperm cells that are not present in the ejaculate. Vasecotomies are a common cause of there being no sperm in the ejaculate. A vasectomy is the removal of the tube that transports these mature sperm cells.

The Sun News On-line

Friday, July 20, 2007

Clinics Might Be Overusing Sperm Injection Method in Fertility Treatments

ICSI May Be Overused

And costing you more money than necessary. It's quite interesting that the article states that the percentage of cycles that used ICSI increased from 11% (1995) to 57.5% (2004). What is ironic is that the percentage of male related infertility has remained the same (34%). In addition the results of live births were higher (albeit slightly) than those who did not use the technique. And if that's not enough higher birth defects were reported...

ICSI is most often used for male factor infertility (low sperm counts or poor quality) and costs about an addtional $1500 on top of the regular in vitro fertilization costs.

We have to be so careful to make sure we are as informed as we can be when it comes to trying to conceive. Unfortunately there are those who are out to take advantage of our desperation to be parents.

Reproductive Health Services | Clinics Might Be Overusing Sperm Injection Method in Fertility Treatments, Study Says -

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

London Nutritionist Wins TV Baby Fertility Challenge

Improved Diet Wins

Great story here. Everyone knows that I'm a huge fan of improving your overall state of health before being pumped with lots of medication. Of course I'm not totally against medications but with all of the possible side effects, its easier and more beneficial just to correct the irregularities. It's also a lot less expensive than traditional infertility treatment.

Turns out in this challenge the Nutrionist was able to win the challenge by being the first to get an infertile couple pregnant. The competition was againt a couple undergoing IVF and a couple receiving acupuncture therapy.

IVF Experiences

London Nutritionist Wins TV Baby Fertility Challenge

Monday, July 16, 2007

Enough to make you cry

A very touching article on IVF

This article is a must read for anyone who suffers from infertility. It really hits home. Its strange but after going through IVF and becomin pregnant, the excitement is short lived as you begin to worry and obsess over whether or not you will sustain the pregnancy. Infertility is a very lonely ordeal. Why don't we talk about it? I guess one reason is knowing that we will have to deal with the insensitve comments that are sometimes meant to make us feel better but often does the opposite.

Enough to make you cry - Parenting - Life & Style Home -

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Men Conceived Through Fertility Treatment Have a Sperm Count Half the Normal, Danish Study Reports

Male Infertility related to Infertility Treatment

I just read this article. It talks about a study that showed a significant relationship between the sperm count of men who were conceived through infertility treatment as opposed to those who were conceived naturally. I was left with a couple of questions after reading this article.

1. If it affects the sperm count in men, then does it also affect the egg quality in women?
2. Why didn't they ask for they specific type of infertility treatment received? (It would seem that if you go through the trouble to try to link treatment to low sperm counts, that you would at least document the type of treatment as well).
3. Was the sperm count associated with male infertility? Did they have children?

It points out that the men were undergoing testing for army fitness requirements but it doesn't state if there were any evidence that were having trouble conceiving.

You can read the article yourself and tell me what you think:

Men Conceived Through Fertility Treatment Have a Sperm Count Half the Normal, Danish Study Reports: "involved many possible confounding factors, especially the possibility that these men had inherited an infertility problem. Nevertheless, the New "

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Friday, July 06, 2007

10 surprisingly sexy dates - MSN Dating & Personals

I bet you're wondering why I'm posting this article in a blog about Infertility. Well, I'm sure we could all benefit from some creative sexy dates once in awhile. Take a load off, take your mind off of trying to conceive, infertility treatments, doctors, pokes and prods. Really relaxing and just enjoying each other like you did before you realized that you're an adult. OH to be a kid again....

10 surprisingly sexy dates - MSN Dating & Personals

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Too Many Babies

Today was really strange for me. First I realized that I am 30 years old. I just turned 30 last month but it didn't really hit me until I had to write it down today and for some reason it just looked like a strange number. I guess I've been putting 2s in front of my numbers for so long...and now for there to be a 3....then 4. Ok on to the next moment.

You know I've been posting about all of the pregnancies that I've been fortunate enough to have to suffer through this year. I finally sat and counted them. I ended up with 22. That's right 22 personal friends or family members. Actually only 2 were family and 2 old friends and the others are people I've met in the last 5.5 years since I've been married. If we want to add in the others that I know of but don't really know personally then I can add about 3 more.

Is it just me or does it seem like 2007 is just extremely busy for the babies? Oh and that's all I have for now - give me till the end of the week and I'm sure I'll add to that number. Not to mention I still don't have my December baby locked in just yet so I'm waiting for that. It's almost a game now...only I'm constantly reminded that I'm losing (j/k). It is strange though.

Oh well Have a wonderful holiday


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