Friday, April 20, 2007

Infertility Insensitive Comments

Most insensitive comments

Vent session underway. I read and hear about a lot of insensitive remarks that some of us have encountered throughout this infertility journey. How about you post some of your remarks in the comments. These should be comments that you have received personally or if you are bold enough, comments that you have made (be forewarned I can not be responsible for the results if you choose the latter option).

As I mentioned before I haven't had much experience in the horrible remarks because I don't really discuss the subject with people who are popping out babies right and left.

Don't forget the ones from insensitive mil. Which I'm fortunate to have a wonderful, patient and non meddling mil. However she is starting to ask now but she thinks we are just waiting....Anyway

Here are some of the remarks that I've received

1. "You are thinking about it too much" & insisting that this is the cause
2. "What you guys don't want kids? You've been married for awhile haven't you?"

Yeah I know pretty mild compared to the ones that I've heard from others and would like to hear from now.

Post away and feel free to vent (no profanity though-you can use the little symbols though) :)

Insensitve Comments

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Trials and Infertility

The other day I called up my aunt to wish her happy birthday and ended up speaking to one of my cousins for hours. I hardly ever speak to her but when I do the converstations are usually pretty long (partly because we don't speak at length for years). Anywho we discussed so many things and usually I don't disclose my trouble conceiving to anyone (unless they are also having trouble conceiving or have been there in the past).

My cousin is a 40 year old beautiful woman who is still single. While we were talking amazingly I learned a lot about her and her trials. While we struggle with infertility, she struggles with wondering if she will ever get married and find the right one. In additon because of her age, fertility may be an issue for her also.

Its a concern for a few of my unmarried friends but perhaps a little less because they are a lot younger. All in all its frustrating to hear insensitive comments from others and although it seems like we have been jilted--it's always something, our trial is different from that of others--but still a trial.

Even though we don't share the same trial I was comfortable discussing the issue with her because she understood the difficulty and frustration of insensitive remarks. In the process I also learned that her sister (my cousin) also suffered from infertility and finally adopted.

For years she dealt with the loss and the hurt of not being able to carry a pregnany. Now she feels like its a blessing for her and the children who otherwise may not have parents.

She says that not everyone has the ability to love a child that they did not birth and her special gift for her to raise children that otherwise may not have a mother to care for them. She even has a beautiful granddaughter now that she also takes care of which is an added blessing.

This conversation gave me more inspiration because now I don't look at infertility as so much of a trial. Its difficult but everyone has their own difficulties and I feel a lot more compassion for the many children who wish they could have chosen parents like the ones we want so desperately to become.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Infertility Survey

Help with Survey

Hello, I'm conducting a little survey regarding infertility products and services. I would greatly appreciate it if you could take just a few minutes to take the survey. It's only 10 questions and half of them are multiple choice.

Click here to take survey


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Early Menopause

Erratic cycles and early menopause

A few weeks ago I posted a question about erratic cycle lengths. I was asking if anyone experienced similar issues. Someone wrote that my symptoms were very similar to theirs right before early menopause.

My question now is for everyone or anyone who has experienced early menopause and what were some of the symptoms? It concerns me b.c my mom experience early menopause but in her mid 40s and after having 5 children.

I had an appointment last week with they gyn and she said that my thyroid felt enlarged. After blood test came back normal she is a little puzzled and is referring me to an endocrinologist to get my thyroid checked further. I will keep you posted on the outcome, but if anyone has any information or personal experiences please share.

Infertility Journey

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Regular IVF 'best' if one egg retrieved

IVF and ICSI yield similar results

Hi everyone,

I'm back after being MIA for awhile. Moving is very exhausting but at least the spring cleaning is done. I hope all is well with you. Despite my very busy weeks, the pregnancy announcements have not let up on my end-with me receiving a new announcement (or two) each weekend.

It's great because the more often I hear them, the more I expect them and hence, the less crappy I feel when I realize that I'm turning 30 in a few months and nothing yet. I feel great and I'm just going to savor the time and do whatever I can to accomplish my goal.

I just ran across an interesting article which compares rates of ICSI and IVF. Pretty interesting read.

Regular IVF 'best' if one egg retrieved