Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Been Awhile

Yeah I know it's been awhile since I've posted. Sort of unlike me but I've been a little busy the last month or so. The good news is that dh's job finally offered a PPO for employees. Can you believe the only option was an HMO that paid absolutely nothing? Anyway this just happened 2 weeks ago so Yippeee and they pay for infertility treatment - a $10,000 lifetime max. It may help me pay for one cycle of IVF.

I'm trying very hard to avoid having to go that far. I feel it, something will happen soon. :). Not so surprising one of my old coworkers/friends called me up last week. (yeah you know where this is going don't ya?) Well I asked what she was up to and she said "nothing, tired all the time, nauseas and sleeping all the time." As a joke I asked if she was pregnant. Lo and behold she is.

I mean if a 36 year old with one ovary and only bd twice last month gets pregnant, I'm sure something is in store for me this year. I wish her the best--she has two teenagers and thought she was done. Her woes are starting over and my woes are trying to start. Always something huh?