Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My New Nephew is Here

Jayden Arrives

Adding some sunshine to this very rainy and initially bleak day is my new nephew Jayden. I told you all earlier that the ever so fortunate me has the pleasure of having a friend or family member due in every month up until August. And since I can't go much past that now, they have started to double up on me. 3 in July and no soon as my January arrives do I get an email from a friend. The subject: Baby. No words in the email only ultrasound pictures. I'm not sure how far along yet but its pretty far because everything is quite visible.

I'm really excited about new nephew and I'm so happy for my baby brother (who's 4 years older than me). He's been my rock and my support for sooo long and I'm just happy to see him with such a blessing.

I wish I could see him but I have to wait till summer. By then I'll have another one (my sister's baby) to see also.

Gotta admit it takes a lot to handle the knowledge of all these pregnancies. Never have I known so many pregnant women at one time. But I'm happy for them all and with all of these some baby dust has to make its way around right?

2007 is our year ladies.......

Infertility Journey

Friday, January 19, 2007

A vitamin a day may do more harm than good - Diet & Nutrition - MSNBC.com

Lead in Vitamins?

I'm always very particular about the vitamins that take but it still shocked me to read this article. Personally I'm a Shaklee vitamins fan for many reasons but especially because they are not contaminated with lead and petroleum.

I found this quote particularly interesting "If we had a serious issue of safety, we'd be hearing concerns from consumers in large numbers and we're not," he said.

Uh excuse me but how many people would actually know or conclude that the vitamins that they are taking are actually causing some problems they may be facing. I know I've never gone to a doctor who questioned my vitamins or suggested they be tested etc. Even so if I suspected my vitamins I probably would stop taking them. Could this lack of complaints be because consumers are just not aware? Kind of hard to complain about a source when you know the source is actually the source.

A vitamin a day may do more harm than good - Diet & Nutrition - MSNBC.com

I wonder how many of us suffer unexplained infertility because of unknown toxins. You know one of my doctors told me about a couple who tried to conceive for 10 years and gave up. Later the couple were working on cleaning up their bodies and fell pregnant after going through a process of chelation. Turns out they were contaminated with lead, mercury etc..

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

One Healthy Baby To Go Please

Yippeee my anniversary is tomorrow and we are planning a trip to San Francisco for mini vacation. I've lived in So. Cal for 5 years and never made the trip up North so I'm really excited. I can't believe it's been 5 years already. And to think someone even said they would give our marriage 6 months (how rude).

Anyway my mother in law says that when we get back we are going to order a baby. "I'll have one healthy baby to go please." Awww if only it were that easy. Of course she has no idea that she has a better shot than I do right now. :). Maybe I'll let her place the order.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

One of those Days

Ok it's 10pm and I just realized that today is January 10 and not tomorrow. I had a very important meeting (very important) about 12 hours ago and I missed it completely. For some odd reason I was thinking tomorrow is the 10th. Here I am preparing when I realize...uh oh. I'm not sure what's going to happen. Guess I'll find out tomorrow.


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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Documentary on IVF

IVF Video

I've recently had the pleasure of watching this amazing documetary on IVF. I've watched it several times and I love it. I've been telling all of my (infertile) friends about it. Even with infertility affecting 80 million people, it's amazing how lonely you can feel. It's such a private issue that some of my closest friends do not know.

I sincerely, commend the couples who agreed to share their journey with everyone in hopes of helping other couples cope. The visuals are amazing and I learned more about IVF here than from any book I've read.

To show my gratitude, I contacted the producer (Andrei Kirilenko) and asked if I could help promote it. Please check it out and support his work and future endeavors.

I created the following website below to help promote this documentary


Please check it out and post comments here. If you have seen it please post your comments also.

Here's the trailer:

IVF movie

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Goals for 2007

Ok I really don't need to post my goals for this year, however if it's written here I will feel more compelled to get some to these things done. Some sound a little to petty to be on my to do list but the petty things are starting to pile up on me so here we go:

1. Start and complete my wedding scrapbook (5-year anniversary is this Friday so I'm a tad bit late.

2. Write the friends I met in Turkey last year.

3. Sell all of the stuff I don't need

4. Be one the the people I know having a baby this year.

Ok the last one is a little out of my hands but in my Thanksgiving post I mentioned that I knew someone due every month up until a June. Well now I have July and a possible August to add to the list. I'm pretty sure I will have a complete list this year so my goal is to be one of the players.

My sister in law and brother are expecting their first this month. This leaves me to be the only one in the family without. Always did like to be a little different :).

Infertility Journey

Monday, January 01, 2007

67-year-old mom gives birth to twins - Pregnancy - MSNBC.com

67-year-old mom gives birth to twins - Pregnancy - MSNBC.com

I ran across this short article yesterday and stopped. Ok we've all seen several articles like this and each time the new mother is a little older. The article doesn't say whether she is a first time mom or not but it still lends hope for the rest of us especially at this time of the year. I'm assuming IVF treatment was used.

However, if I'm not a mother at 67 or 57 and probably 47 I seriously don't think I will be trying but I commend her for not giving up although I do worry about several aspects of the children's lives.

More importantly its encouragement not to give up even when the odds are stacked against us in some cases (or at least if feels as so). I don't see my self as infertile but everyone has a challenge in life, an obstacle, and I guess this this is our little obstacle course and this year, this is exactly how I'm going to view it. I love a challenge so transforming the unpleasant into something pleasant is how I intend to approach conceiving a baby this year. I'm actually excited now.

My hubby was a little upset though because I said that I was giving up. I didn't mean no more trying but rather giving up our past mechanical methods. So, instead of dreading the 2ww, I can try to get as much of my other goals accomplished (I have a lot). Perhaps when those run out, I will need another plan, but this one should last awhile :).