Friday, January 19, 2007

A vitamin a day may do more harm than good - Diet & Nutrition -

Lead in Vitamins?

I'm always very particular about the vitamins that take but it still shocked me to read this article. Personally I'm a Shaklee vitamins fan for many reasons but especially because they are not contaminated with lead and petroleum.

I found this quote particularly interesting "If we had a serious issue of safety, we'd be hearing concerns from consumers in large numbers and we're not," he said.

Uh excuse me but how many people would actually know or conclude that the vitamins that they are taking are actually causing some problems they may be facing. I know I've never gone to a doctor who questioned my vitamins or suggested they be tested etc. Even so if I suspected my vitamins I probably would stop taking them. Could this lack of complaints be because consumers are just not aware? Kind of hard to complain about a source when you know the source is actually the source.

A vitamin a day may do more harm than good - Diet & Nutrition -

I wonder how many of us suffer unexplained infertility because of unknown toxins. You know one of my doctors told me about a couple who tried to conceive for 10 years and gave up. Later the couple were working on cleaning up their bodies and fell pregnant after going through a process of chelation. Turns out they were contaminated with lead, mercury etc..

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