Monday, January 01, 2007

67-year-old mom gives birth to twins - Pregnancy -

67-year-old mom gives birth to twins - Pregnancy -

I ran across this short article yesterday and stopped. Ok we've all seen several articles like this and each time the new mother is a little older. The article doesn't say whether she is a first time mom or not but it still lends hope for the rest of us especially at this time of the year. I'm assuming IVF treatment was used.

However, if I'm not a mother at 67 or 57 and probably 47 I seriously don't think I will be trying but I commend her for not giving up although I do worry about several aspects of the children's lives.

More importantly its encouragement not to give up even when the odds are stacked against us in some cases (or at least if feels as so). I don't see my self as infertile but everyone has a challenge in life, an obstacle, and I guess this this is our little obstacle course and this year, this is exactly how I'm going to view it. I love a challenge so transforming the unpleasant into something pleasant is how I intend to approach conceiving a baby this year. I'm actually excited now.

My hubby was a little upset though because I said that I was giving up. I didn't mean no more trying but rather giving up our past mechanical methods. So, instead of dreading the 2ww, I can try to get as much of my other goals accomplished (I have a lot). Perhaps when those run out, I will need another plan, but this one should last awhile :).


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