Saturday, January 06, 2007

Goals for 2007

Ok I really don't need to post my goals for this year, however if it's written here I will feel more compelled to get some to these things done. Some sound a little to petty to be on my to do list but the petty things are starting to pile up on me so here we go:

1. Start and complete my wedding scrapbook (5-year anniversary is this Friday so I'm a tad bit late.

2. Write the friends I met in Turkey last year.

3. Sell all of the stuff I don't need

4. Be one the the people I know having a baby this year.

Ok the last one is a little out of my hands but in my Thanksgiving post I mentioned that I knew someone due every month up until a June. Well now I have July and a possible August to add to the list. I'm pretty sure I will have a complete list this year so my goal is to be one of the players.

My sister in law and brother are expecting their first this month. This leaves me to be the only one in the family without. Always did like to be a little different :).

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