Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Always the Babysitter, Never the ?

Well you get the picture. All four of my July babies have been born and are healthy. As you can imagine July was a little tough. I would always say that my husband and I will most likely be professional babysitters (with all of the business that we get). Now it seems that I'm really getting there.

My brother in law now owns a professional child care agency and I've been hired. So I've worked a couple of assignments. In a way I think it's good therapy for me so that I don't fall into depression everytime I see baby or kids or not to mention another pregnant woman.

Speaking of that-just found another acquaintance is pregnant the other day. You're probably wondering why I write these things but its only to vent and relieve a little stress. I'm patiently waiting for DH's company to offer a PPO or at least a better insurance option. I just got a $500 bill for nothing it seems. This stinking HMO is costing me more money and frustration. I mean geez, if we had money to spend like that in the first place, we definitely wouldn't purchase HMO coverage.

They said September, hopefully it will cover IVF or some portion of infertility treatment.