Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kids Ask the Dardnest Questions

I've been nagging about how many pregnant women I'm fortunate enough to know this year. One of my July babies (there are 2 more to go) was born two week ago (tomorrow). We are taking turns fixing food for her and delivering it and I chose Tuesday. She's such a pro as this is her 5th baby. The oldest is all of 7 and when I went up to deliver the food I drooled over the gorgeous newborn.

Then the questions. The oldest asked "Do you have kids?" Not too bad, he's seven. But then the next question "Why Not?" I thought for awhile about how to answer such a loaded question. I finally decided on "I don't know."

You can't get upset with a seven year old but I thought it was very awkward. It's funny because he had asked me if I had kids when I saw him 4th of July. I'm avoiding the adults who ask and now I have to avoid the kids lol. The mom is always afraid of what he'll ask but at the same time I think they are wondering what the answer to THAT question is?

"I don't know"

September is the month that hubby's crappy insurance at work upgrades to include a PPO plan. Then maybe I can pursue my IVF treatment again.


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