Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Healing Fibroids Naturally?

Fibroids Anyone?

Ok so a year or so of not getting pregnant after my definition of regular unprotected sex, I decide to visit my OB/GYN (I just love her). I explain my concern and she decides let's try for 6 more months before I prescribe Clomid. It seems as though I had no problem ovualting anyway so what would Clomid do for that?

Now at this time I was use to painful cramping around that time. However one month I felt like I was giving birth. Well what I assume feels like giving birth (you know verrrry painful). Cut me some slack alright. Anywho after rolling around and crying and finally getting a little relief from my Aleve I tried to move on. Later that evening I noticed clots that could have sunk the titanic.

In the doctor's office again we discovered the culprit. Fibroids. After having an MRI we discovered the exact location. With this huge monstrosity occupying the home of my future child, a myomectomy is suggested.

A friend of mine, as thoughtful as she is, went and did a little research and found a book that she knew would appeal to me. "Healing Fibroids: A Doctor's Guide to a Natural Cure." Sold, I went out and purchased it and I loved it. I still had to have the surgery because I'm just that fortunate but I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and I gained a lot of useful information from it.


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