Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What Does Infertile Really Mean?

Infertility means difficulty in conceiving (becoming pregnant) despite having regular sex without using contraception.

During the last few years, I've come to realize a few things. One is that this type of definition needs to be a little more clear. "Despite having regular sex." Well what exactly is having regular sex? For one it may be once per week for another several times per week and for others maybe a couple times per month.

So for a couple who's been having regular sex (once/week) for more than 12 months and not achieve pregnancy, they would be considered, infertile. An entire work-up would be done and provided nothing else is found, you would be diagnosed with unexplained infertility and offered to try IVF or some other form of ART.

After the first visit to my reproductive endocrinologist's office, I filled out all of the paperwork. She never once asked me about the frequency. Not to say that is everyone's experience, but I just naturally assumed that she would ask and then say will we recommend trying at least "x" times per week. Nothing.

Seems farfetched but I've met several couples who have fallen into the same category. Some trying for several years before realizing "I need to have more sex." Even to the point of scheduling IVF!

So after doing a little research, I found that regular is recommended as around 3 times per week. Now in no way is this the case with everyone, but enough that it needs to be addressed.

Has anyone experienced similar stories?


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