Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Omectomy

Removal of my Fibroids

Ok so I schedule my appointment and go in for the surgery. The surgery was only supposed to be approximately 45 minutes for the removal of one fibroid. It ended up taking 4 hours. My husband was a nervous wreck considering no one came out to brief him on the situation. It turns out I had 8 fibroids and a severe case of endometriosis. As my doctor described "everything was all stuck together, but its all clean now and your tubes are beautiful."

I was able to go home 5 days later (as opposed to the normal two). I kept a fever most of the time and couldn't go home in that condition. The worst part was the lack of food and eating only broth and ice chips. I seriously think I was so sick afterwards because I was unable to get 5 mintues of rest. The moment I would nearly dose off, there was someone to check vitals or something. I mean come on do they really expect you to get better? LOL.

Anyway I finally made it home. I'm happy to say that ever since the surgery my cycles have been a lot more pleasant. No more cramping (at least not enough to need medication). I have to admit, I have a lot more energy and feel so much better. I never realized that my severe fatigue was a side effect of the fibroids. I read about other women and how it affected them in my book Healing Fibroids: A Doctor's Guide to a Natural Cure. Health is wealth and I'm still on the journey to overall health.


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