Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dealing With the Comments

Just Relax - You're thinking about it too much!

How many times have we heard these phrases in one way or another? For anyone that is ttc I'm sure the answer is "too many." About a week ago a friend of mine (not super close) asked me this question the night after I was discussing with my husband how this frustrates me. Of course they mean well but when does it stop?

What made this time so different was that she insisted that this is the problem. Usually they just say "Oh just relax...." but I was told that I was thinking about it too much and when I replied "No, I'm not." She replied "Yes, you are" and I replied "No, I'm not." This went one for at least one more rep until I promised that I am not. Of course this is coming for a person that gets pregnant if "my husband just looks at me." I don't expect her to understand but dude don't try to diagnose me either.

I'm in no way mad at her, but for those who do not know, telling a couple or person that has been ttc to "relax" is a big no no. Instead offer an ear or any type of help if they need it. Be supportive but don't make them feel like they are to blame, trust me they have probably already been there and don't need any help in this area.

Dealing with Insensitive Comments


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