Thursday, February 08, 2007

Metformin not that promising as InfertilityTreatment

Metformin in PCOS patients
There seems to be quite a bit of questions regarding PCOS as well as buzz about Metformin being used as treatment for infertility. I found this really interesting article that may be of interest to those who have PCOS and/or considering using Metformin as treatment for infertility.

Standard treatment more effective than diabetes drug for achieving pregnancy in fertility disorder:

Infertility Journey


Blogger Jeffrey Dach MD said...

PCOS, the Hidden Epidemic

The fundamental problem with PCOS is anovulation and not making progesterone for two weeks every cycle.

This lack of progesterone leads to hormonal imbalance in the ovary, causes the ovary to produce testosterone and leads to the irregular menstrual cycles and infertility. This is aggravated by obesity and insulin resistance.

Progesterone is missing, therefore replacing it makes sense.

To read more, click here:

Understanding PCOS, the Hidden Epidemic by Jeffrey Dach MD

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