Friday, September 01, 2006

What do they expect us to say?

Soooo, when are you going to start a family?

Ok, just a little vent time. Along with the relax, this has to be the most annoying question. Sadly it doesn't stop until you either have a kid or hurt someone's feelings or divulge that you are having trouble getting pregnant right now but thank you for rubbing it in.

After getting asked this so much, I have yet to figure out a proper response. I guess part of it is because I don't know what the heck one expects you to say. If infertility is not an issue, then I guess you could say something like "maybe a little later." But what do you say otherwise?

A friend of my husband had a cute response to the older women who would ask. When asked when they were going to start a family, he would reply "Toniiiiight." LOL. Any other suggestions? I guess when I get asked this question, I get so annoyed that my first reaction is to say "Mind your business." But of course I'm not that outspoken.

Ok venting over but I welcome suggestions?

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