Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Stress, Secrecy and Infertility On CNN

Tune it tonight to CNN (8pm EST)

Tune in to CNN’s Paula Zahn NOW, tonight at 8 pm EST to hear Guy Ringler, MD, noted reproductive endocrinologist and AFA board member, expose the link between secrecy, stress and reproductive difficulties. Be sure to listen for his mention of The AFA’s stress reduction support and information programs.

In keeping with Zahn’s series on “things people don’t talk about and should,” Ringler, a partner in Los Angeles-based California Fertility Partners, raised The AFA’s educational initiative, “Let’s Talk About Sex.” Officially launching in April at The AFA’s Illuminations Event in Los Angeles, this cutting edge program will provide candid and objective information about the relationship of sexually transmitted diseases and compromised fertility. The goal: stamp out preventable infertility.

Remember, tonight, 8 pm EST, Paula Zahn NOW on CNN for insights on reproductive disorders and stress featuring noted Reproductive Endocrinologist, Guy Ringler, MD.

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